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  • Discover Yourself- For Women Only!

    Creating goals, sticking to them and taking significant steps that will make an enduring difference- sounds easy, right? Join us for this fun evening and learn ways to identify what gives you joy in life and how to get you to the life you love by creating action strategies!  If you're feeling directionless, unfulfilled, stuck, unsure or just plain frustrated with the way you’ve been living and you don’t know how to change consider taking this first step!Your instructor is a life coach from Faribault and founder of Heidi's Clubhouse an organization where women connect and support each other in identifying and achieving their purpose. Please register one week prior. For more information go to www.heidiannenelson.com    
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  • Wolves of the Land

    Though almost genetically identical to animals we eat beside, sleep beside, and consider our best friends; wolves are among the most misunderstood of wild animals. Myth or reality: Wolves attack humans? Wolves are wanton killers? Wolves howl at the moon? Learn the truth behind these supreme communication specialists of the animal kingdom. Traveling Naturalist, Melonie Shipman, has spent years working for wolves from socializing pups to cleaning out their dens to advanced study of their special language. Demonstrations, video clips, props, and slides will help you see the world through the eyes of this mystical wildlife teacher.
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