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  • Authentic Art Youth Camp (Ages 8-14)

    Kids love this class! Their ideas, their colors, as they create authentic art. Dar will be bring exciting new art projects. She will inspire individual students to create art at their level and progress to their next level while developing their artistic potential. There are no mistakes in this camp, and students will be encouraged to have the confidence to create art that is uniquely theirs. They will select an art project of their choice within each lesson category. Students will learn how to use different visual elements. They will explore design concepts using a wide array of art materials. Some of the materials will include acrylics on canvas, crayons, inks and mixed media supplies. Techniques, including drawing, sculpting clay, painting, printing, personal symbols, composition, and collaging. Dar facilitates a spontaneous non-threatening class with exciting demos that makes each hour a new adventure. All levels welcome. Students need to wear paint clothes, and bring: paper towels, sketch book, bag lunch, 2 snacks, and 2 beverages, sun screen, and a jacket.  Every hour is a new adventure in art.Questions please call Dar at 612-940-2094.Instructor:  Dar Brooks
  • Fencing (Entering Grades 2-12)

    New and returning students invited. Youth Enrichment League {YEL!} fencing has evolved. Olympic Coach Ro Sobalvarro now heads up {YEL!}’s curriculum, instructor training and tournament consultation. Coach Sobalvarro brings with him an immense knowledge of youth, national and international fencing. We keep it fun, too. Your favorite instructors return with more knowledge, refined coaching skills and, of course, your favorite fencing games and arm bands. Safety is our first priority. We supply safety swords, protective masks, chest plates and jackets, in a high-octane, inclusive environment. Visit YELKids.com for a more thorough explanation of our fencing program, coaches and philosophy. Sign up today to join this sport deemed the “sport of the intellectual athlete!”
  • Goofy Sports Camp

    Stay active and get silly this summer in the {YEL!} Goofy Sports Camp. What’s so goofy about it? Day One: Goofy Golf - students play “golf” using tennis racquets and balls, a soccer ball, a hula hoop, etc. Day Two: Goofy Trick Shots - students try trick shots using frisbees, trick footballs, and more. Day Three: Goofy Soccer - Students play soccer, but with a hula hoop, bean bags, etc. Day Four: Goofy Olympic Decathlon - An Olympic type decathlon, but wackier. Stay silly this summer while keeping outside and active. #SillySummer. Parents: Please supply your child with sunscreen, a water bottle, and a peanut free snack for the morning.
  • Summer School Gear up B2 Camp (Entering Grades K-5)

    Wrap up the summer fun and get the kids moving and using their brains again! This camp is the perfect opportunity to keep the kids busy andhaving fun while getting their mind ready for the upcoming year!1.5 hour sessions over 5 days include fun summer -themed activities for the body and brain (B2). Sponsored by Owatonna Fitness & Learning Rx of Owatonna, B2 Stay-cation Camp will have them moving and grooving with active games and challenges that will keep them physically engaged and cognitively entertained. Bring a snack and dress for indoor and out!
  • Swim- Level 1

    All swim lessons will be located at OMS. This level of swim is for students that are comfortable alone in the water, typically 4 years of age or older. Lessons will include water adjustment skills, safety information, and beginning swimming skills presented through songs and games.  This pool tends to be a little colder a swim shirt, the instructor recommends a swim shirt to help but it is not mandatory.
  • The Circus is Coming to Town (Ages 3-7)

    Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! We will explore life at the circus through art, movement, and imaginative play! A popcorn sensory table! Parachute fun! Jump through hoops like a lion! And so much more!
  • The Doc is In (Ages 3-7)

    It’s time for a checkup. Join us and bring your favorite stuffed animal and learn from Doc Mcstuffins through stories, songs, dramatic play how and why doctors and nurses are important members of communities, helping people to stay healthy.
  • Varsity Builders Camp (Entering Grades 1-5)

    {YEL!}Varsity Builders CampFor boys and girls entering 1st-5th gradesFor engineers and builders ready for a challenge using LEGO® bricks! We’ve saved our most challenging engineering projects for this summer camp. Students build a robotic DogBot, a motorized BugBot, geared up Racer and a scary Bat...all challenging for any connoisseur of LEGO® bricks. Students then use these projects (and more) to investigate engineering concepts. We keep it fun too with open ended, creative projects for the students. Unshackle the ball and chain of summer brain drain. Sign up today. Visit YouthEnrichmentLeague.com for sample pictures and more details.LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or program.