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  • Beginning Indoor Cycling

    Want to try Cycling? Register for 30 minutes of instructor-led beginner cycling. Rock out to music videos in a new state-of-the-art studio with stadium cycling while you get your cardio on! Class will be a slower paced mix of hills, intervals, pace, and sprints. Great for a low-impact, beginner workout. Arrive about 15 minutes before class starts.Bring a water bottle and towel with to class!Location - Owatonna Fitness-  130 E Vine St
  • Zumba Gold -Session II

    Join us at class even if you weren't enrolled in the first session of Zumba Gold! Friendly, fun exercise class geared towards those starting their fitness journey and/or the active older adults. You don't even have to know how to do the Zumba moves! Just move your body and follow your instructor's lead. Class consists of easy to follow steps performed to Latin and international rhythms. Class finishes on March 21st.