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  • Epigenetics

    Why are identical twins not actually identical? Epigenetics! Do you have a feature that must be from your parents, but it doesn’t seem to be genetic? Epigenetics!This class will discuss the amazing developments in the field of Epigenetics. Your DNA is the official blueprint for your body but there are “switches” on the DNA that can be turned on or off by environmental factors. The nature of these “switches” and what possibly can be changed will be the focus of our discussion. We will discuss how the environment from your childhood or even that of your grandparents can change your DNA’s basic plan. Scott Cody is a registered pharmacist. He has practiced in both community and hospital pharmacy. He currently works closely with pharmacists, nurses and physicians as a certified Epic software clinical analyst consultant for health systems. His services have been utilized by Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson in Houston, Cleveland Clinic, the University of California at Davis, and many others. He has a certification in pharmacogenetic counseling and is associated with MD Labs in that capacity.
  • Personalized Medicine with DNA Testing

    Scenario: your 5-year old daughter is very ill. You take her to the emergency room and after examination, the doctor decides she needs medication. You pull out your daughter’s pharmacogenetic DNA analysis that you keep on your phone. Because of this report, the doctor decides to change the antibiotic he was considering. The first drug was not compatible with your daughter’s drug metabolism DNA. The DNA report saved her from possibly experiencing severe side effects from the first drug.  Instructor will discuss DNA testing, how it is done and what the results can tell you. Register for this new class and be enlightened!